Rabu, 24 Juni 2015

Cucumber Water & Weight Loss

A lot of people who want to have an ideal body weight, or those who are obese want to lose weight. But sometimes it is not easy to do, especially the amount of good food that is tempting.

Weight gain itself can be caused by many things, in addition to food. Lifestyle as often staying up late, not enough sleep, or not move much, can make weight keeps rising.

But you do not worry, there are many ways to lose weight we will always ideal. Or if you want to lose weight. One is with the cucumber water, but how do I make?

The trick is also very easy, you simply make the cucumber slices were added in fresh water. Cucumbers are used quite a fruit, for 2 liters of cold water or you can cool it in the refrigerator.

Fresh water we consume, usually contains zero calories, while a cucumber mengancung approximately 50 calories. So that water coupled with sliced ​​cucumber, will make you quite satisfied.

Air cucumbers also can balance your appetite. When you are dehydrated, that is thirsty, you drink enough water. Cucumber water not only removes dehydration, but also keep you full between meals. That's why this refreshing drink is very beneficial for weight loss.

Cucumber water also has a great effect on the skin. Cucumber contains a lot of silica, ie silicon dioxide, which is used in the treatment of acne. Air cucumbers are also abundant in antioxidants and vitamins, most of all A and D.

Carefully wash fresh cucumber, so that dirt or bacteria carried on. Sliced ​​cucumber with or without skin. Put the slices in fresh water. Allow at least a few hours. You can enjoy your drink with mint leaves, lemon or strawberry.

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